Solar dos Amigos:
Where the typical live.

Luisa Nunes, is now the owner and has always worked in the restaurant, which belonged to his father. "From my 13 years I work here and have never had holidays" she says.

Campino's Room

The taste for the work

even states that "when I rest on Wednesday at the end of the day, I miss working."

Cavalo's Room

The typical restaurant decor

was of his own who took advantage of the fact her husband have a horse breeding to introduce several elements linked to equestrian activity.

Toureiro's Room

Especially in summer

Solar dos Amigos is an obligatory passage point for many tourists, who come through advertising "mouth-to-mouth." "We have many English and Dutch who come here every year, because they make habitation tourism here."

Cavaleiro's (Fireplace) Room

But the Portuguese population

knows well this place of repast, which receives residents of Lisbon, "about 90% of our customers", Porto, Santarem, among others. Birthday parties or bachelor parties are frequent. "At weekends we have an average of 200 people per meal."

Forcado's Room

How to get to Solar dos Amigos

Rua Principal, 49, Guisado
Salir de Matos
Caldas da Rainha
39º26'28''N 9º6'8''O
Phone: +351 262877135
Manager Luisa Nunes
(We do not accept bookings by email)
There is no ATM on property